4 projects to do before moving

Moving is something that nobody considers fun. It’s stressful, difficult, and you want to get it over with as soon as you can. But before doing all the unpacking in your new real estate in Estepona, you should think of doing these projects to have a head start and avoid future headaches.


It´s much easier to paint a room that’s empty. You won´t have to move furniture around, take pictures off wall or put masking tape up. Take the time to paint your new home before moving, that way you can repaint to give it a nice, polished finished. If you can´t decide on a color, do this process with a neutral one like white or beige. Afterwards, it will be much easier to paint on top of it.

Crown molding

Putting up the crown molding before moving will save you a lot of trouble because your furniture won’t get full of dust. Also, you will be able to pre paint them more easily because you will have a lot more of space without your stuff.

Change the locks

You can’t know for sure how many spare keys of your locks are floating around. If your house was previously owned, these owners could’ve given spares to neighbors, workmen or relatives. Because of this, you should change the locks as soon as you can. If you wait until you´re installed in your new place, it could be too late.


if you have a lot of clothing, you may need some extra space in that new house in Marbella you found thanks to the services of an immigration lawyer. The best way to deal with this problem is to install closet systems that fit your walls and give you a lot of room to storage stuff. The only thing is, these systems need to be installed by professionals (or a very handy person) and the installation can be quite cumbersome because the panels can be quite large. So instead of putting all of your clothes in bags while it is being installed, have it set up before you move so you can hang all of them as soon as you arrive.

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